Saint Rest L.E.A.D.S.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Saint Rest Baptist Church is to become a Christ Centered Community within the community that transforms the community by providing relevant ministries that speaks to the mind, body, and soul of humankind.

Vision Statement:

We are called to become a multi-faceted house that exemplifies the manifold dimensions of God, providing for the world a clearer view of who our God really is.

We are called to be a Soul Saving Station: Our mission is to introduce the world to a Living Savior through the gospel of Jesus Christ, whereby they might be saved and liberated from the oppression of sin and ultimately make a decision to follow Christ with all their heart.

We are a House of Hope for the down trodden, abused, neglected, and despondent: Our mission is not only to exemplify the nature of Christ, but we also seek to exemplify the nurture of Christ. With open arms filled with love, our church will shower the love of God to all who are in need of our care.

We are a House of Empowered Purpose and Destiny: Through the engagement of the Holy Ghost, our goal is to impact every soul that comes in contact with SRBC so that they will be energized to reach for their purpose and God-thought destiny through intentional preaching.

We are called to be an Equipper of Ministry: Our goal is to create leaders through Discipleship, Christian Education, and Family Ministry opportunities that afford them the avenue to exercise the God-given gift within.

We are a Center for Economic and Emotional Development: Our goal is to reach and teach our community about the importance of economic and emotional stability, debt eradication, wise personal investment strategies, and generational wealth mechanisms through seminars, workshops, and community outreach programming.

Our House is The Epitome of Kingdom Excellence: Our goal is to be everything in the earth that God has purposed for us to be in heaven; engaging ourselves wholeheartedly and enthusiastically so much so, that the world MUST take notice of who our God is and what He can do for them.


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